a film by Ann Oren

"InContact" synopsis

InContact examines intimacy in our universal state of voyeurism, evoking an age of lost romance and melodrama. A love triangle unfolds through an online platform called “InContact”, which is a hybrid of facebook and reality TV, giving users a constant live video feed from their friends' computers. Every user is both a viewer and a performer. This perspective helps punctuate the characters’ tendency to act in order to be seen by others and explores levels of spectatorship and exhibitionism in our everyday life.

The story is the relationship of "Gen", a struggling musician and "Christina", a cheese shop vendor who fantasizes about being an actress. Gen and Christina are best friends and next door neighbors. Gen is a talented musician but lacks motivation and Christina idolizes her. Once Gen meets George, a dry Proust scholar that manages to enchant her by being her complete opposite, Christina is envious and tries to get Gen’s attention through exhibitionist behavior she streams from her webcam. After Gen looses her mother in a tragic accident, Gen and George grow closer which pushes Christina over the edge and reveals her obsession with Gen through the available technologies.

Through Christina's character, the film also investigates the influences of iconic cinematic women on the psyche of the everyday woman, through her reenactments of classic cinematic scenes for her potential "InContact" audience.

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